Been super busy, haven’t been posting, had a great holiday, nice trip to Paris and Bordeaux, my phone got wet – don’t ask how – lost some pics I was going to post. Life got in the way. Here’s where we were today, redoing the front yard and vanity vineyard for wonderful clients who live in San Francisco. Last year, we put in a pool, hot tub, patio and pergola in the backyard and added some espalier fruit trees, roses … Now we are building an Ipe, country style fence in the front with a modern sliding gate. Steel Geisha is fabricating the gate. It will be a steel frame with Ipe horizontal panels to match the fence. We’ll add Ipe on top of the existing cement patio and put hog wire panels with vines on the side. We’re changing out the front door for a custom door with horizontal wood by Sonoma Door & Sash. We’re using Rocky Mountain Hardware for the door. We’re getting rid of the wireless doorbell that played “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” and wouldn’t stop. The light fixtures will be swapped out for modern, farm-style fixtures from Restoration Hardware in weathered zinc. The ugly lamppost will be remade to match . Today we were pouring cement for the driveway, which we are redoing. It will have pretty gravel and landscaping after the driveway. The color of the cement is Davis Cocoa.


About the Author Rollin Design

Regina Rollin, founder and principal. Rollin Design gives each of our projects, large or small, the personal attention that is required for a unique custom or estate property. We work with only the best suppliers and masters of their craft.

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