How do you become one of the best in the world at your instrument? It takes talent of course, and practice – as in the old joke – how do you get to Carnage Hall?

Jiebing Chen is one of the leading Erhu masters in the world. Her dad made her practice for eight hours a day starting at age five.

She’s incredible.

Jiebing and her husband Jim hosted a lovely housewarming party for family and friends this weekend.

They were very kind to also invite and acknowledge the team that created their amazing new home: architect Sid Hoover and builder Jim Gade, along with the incredibly talented craftsmen that are part of his company – Benchmark Construction.

I designed the landscaping.

This was no ordinary housewarming party – it included a private concert by Jiebing and friends right in her living room, a special experience. It was raining this weekend, so the concert was held inside rather than in the outdoor performance space we designed.

The Erhu is a two-stringed bowed musical instrument, used as a solo instrument as well as in small ensembles and large orchestras. In the west, it is sometimes called “Chinese violin.”

This is video from my iPhone of Jiebing performing during the party. The instrument accompanying Jiebing is called a Guzheng. Jiebing’s husband Jim is a banker but is also an accomplished Guzheng player. He’s passionate about his home and loves great music.

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Regina Rollin, founder and principal. Rollin Design gives each of our projects, large or small, the personal attention that is required for a unique custom or estate property. We work with only the best suppliers and masters of their craft.

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