Three Great Places to Stay in Wine Country Where I Designed the Landscaping

13 Aug

Here are three wonderful places to stay in Sonoma where I designed the landscaping

Ches Frédérique: for more photos, see my page, Mod French jewelbox garden

Chez Winnie:  for more photos see my page, Sonoma Cottage Garden


Hidden Oaks Bed & Breakfast, where we took out the lawn and added raised beds, espallier citrus, lavatera roses … and participated in Sonoma’s Cash For Grass Turf Rebate

Rutherford Grove Winery Corn Roast – Another great day in Wine Country

13 Aug



Transplanting a Heritage Olive

12 Aug

This olive tree was the last tree standing in an old olive orchard. It was growing in the shade of a large oak tree. There was probably 20 years of leaf litter in the olive tree. We named the tree Olivia.

Here are some pictures of us moving Olivia and a nice note my client sent:

hi, i was laying on the stone wall beneath the olive tree just now, and i noticed there is a nice layer of moss on that gnarly old trunk.
I do believe we positioned it the way the tree wanted—because the moss side is facing due north…same as she was before we moved her… : )
congratulations on a fine day’s work. thank you


Sunset Celebration Weekend Festival

3 Jun

Here are some photos from today’s Sunset Celebration Weekend Festival.

The festival continues tomorrow (photos by Claire Dolan).


Modern Farmhouse

22 May

Modern Farmhouse

Here is a throwback to one of my favorite projects. I absolutely adore this restored historic farmhouse, and it was fun working on the design in front, and putting in the pool with the lawn flanking the Ipe deck. Check out the Canary date palms and stucco planters. See more pictures of this beautiful house, including the interior, over at Birdman Inc location scouting

Inspiration can come from many places

8 May

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Adding Iris immortality Everblooming Iris

29 Apr

Yesterday we added 100 Iris immortality to a landscape I did a few years ago. The plant color scheme is acid green maroon and white. The guys made gopher baskets because we have a gopher problem on the site.







Work in Progress

28 Apr

This was one of my stops today in Marin. We had a plant delivery here.


We’ll be putting ecolawn between these pavers.

Working on the stucco walls in the back

The guys were finishing off the pool today

April is National Landscape Design Month!!!

21 Apr

This year’s theme for NLAM is Designing for Your Health and Well Being. The organizers have designed a really neat brochure to explain the ideas behind this month’s theme and events.



Landscape design often misses the mix of modern and old

20 Apr


I took this picture from a digital magazine on my iPad  with my iPhone. Thanks zinio. It’s from the May/June Vogue Australia.

I like the use of recycled cabinets made into a puzzle art piece.  There’s usable space with modern sleek Duravit  sinks below.

Landscape design often misses the mix of modern and old that the more innovative interior designers employ.

The landscape that typically accompanies modern architecture too often is devoid of beautiful landscapes.  More typically there’s just a swath of water-thirsty lawn.

Why can’t we have beautiful plants in front of modern homes?

Interior design is way ahead of landscape design and architecture in terms of mixing styles and genres.

Nothing’s more beautiful than a super modern interior with a Louis XIV anything.


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